We share our knowledge. A webinar series dedicated to coating optimisation.

How to preserve tablet surface

event November 30, 2016
access_time 30
Who never runs into coating surface defects? Roughness, peeling, orange skin and scuffing are some of the difficulties encountered while coating tablets. Discover how to overcome these obstacles and obtain a perfectly coated tablet surface.

How to prevent tablets from sticking and twinning

event September 21, 2016
access_time 30
Review of the two most common headaches in coating processes and several variables to consider when dealing with overwetting problems. Insight from our specialists after many years of performing tests and archiving of numerous recipes.

How to preserve tablet integrity

event June 08, 2016
access_time 30
Tablets require gentle treatment during the coating process, especially those with unsuitable technological characteristics. Machine design and adjustment of process parameters are key points to preserve the integrity of the cores. Case studies will explain how this should be handled.


Caterina Funaro

Process R&D Laboratory Manager

Caterina Funaro got her degree in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology at the University of Bologna in 1998. She is actually employed at IMA Active Division as process laboratory manager and her main responsibilities are technical assistance to sales for all solid dose equipment, after sales process assistance, R&D, training and cleaning support for solid dose manufacturing equipment.

Massimo Malavolti

Product Manager for Coating Equipment

Massimo Malavolti got his degree in Technological Institute specialized for electronical and mechanical applications in 1990 in Bologna. He is employed at IMA since 1990. At the beginning he supported validation development and calibration strategy for coating equipment, actually he is Product Manager for coating equipment and his main responsibilities are sales technical support and projects management.


We share our experiences. A selection of white papers and case histories written with our customers.